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4 things about diapers that you don't count on

4 things about diapers that you don't count on

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In the 21st century - thanks to disposable diapers - diapers are almost child's play. However, there are unexpected situations and events that we are not always prepared for.

4 things about diapers that aren't counted on by a mother are natural for seeing your baby and what to do in the first place. Everything is delicious, fragrant and soft. Then, storm clouds and unexpected events begin to rally around this idyll.

1. Diaper accidents

Spotty clothes, wet covers, multiple layers of dressed clothes? Do you know the situation? What could be the problem? What can you do wrong? Don't worry! Unfortunately, diaper accidents can occur with routine babies. In this case, you should look for the following sources of error:
  • you did not adjust the thigh curls, so the pelus was leaking.
  • if you have a baby, you may not have directed the baby penis down, so the urine has run out of urine
  • you did not properly attach the tape to the waist, so the pelus became loose
  • the diaper does not adjust to the child's activity
If you find that diaper accidents have become too common, you should see if the baby has overgrown the diaper. If your baby's weight is higher than what the diaper is designed for, the diaper may change regularly. When designing a diaper, the manufacturer will also consider how active the wearer is. If your child is crawling or wandering around, you should choose a diaper that has been specifically designed for active children. In addition, it is advisable to use a nappy that has a high degree of moisture absorption at night to ensure a more peaceful sleep for the baby.

2. I don't want to break the mouse!

For an excited-moving child on a diaper table, it often seems like a very difficult task to sew a diaper. In the midst of warfare, the smaller ones are thrown into the dirty diaper with their hands and their feet, and the total diaper catastrophe is ready. To avoid these situations, you simply need to distract the kid's attention. It can be a handful of playful games, interesting nonsense, or you can also take advantage of this time for singing, telling.

3. Unexpected events

Diapers, however routine we may require, require thorough work and care. Wipes, creamy, clean diapers… no matter what your hands are, it takes a couple of seconds for the towel and the creamy to work. Well, we don't have to be quick, especially if we have a baby. The boys, as they note that their diapers have been removed, take the opportunity and pee. In this case, too, we parents are often part of the baptism of the uninitiated. According to experts, this reflex urination is also due to the sudden cold air, but with a textile covering to cover the baby's genitalia, this can easily be avoided.
Of course, such an unexpected event can occur in any baby, so don't be surprised if the baby is not always inclined to pee or poop during the nappy period. It is advisable to wash the diaper on a washable diaper table or sheet and, if necessary, start the baby clean with a lukewarm water shower.

4. I should change the diaper. But where?

Parents of diaper children can initially have a very serious problem about where to diaper their children from home. When you leave home, you'll definitely need a well-stocked diaper pad with all the tools you need at your disposal:
  • vбltуruha
  • diaper
  • buttocks
  • popsikrйm
  • kйzfertхtlenнtх
  • diaper page
  • bags for waste disposal
  • the baby's favorite toy, baby
Because there are still not many places available for this purpose, you better become more flexible and more flexible in your options. Believe me, some diapering in the car, on an outdoor bench, in the gym and in the stroller will be bumpy after a while. Since these places are much narrower and smaller than you are used to at home, make sure you never leave your baby for a second. Before you put on the diaper, wipe the surface with an - possibly - antibacterial wipe and put a folded textile diaper under your head! If you have a diaper, you might want to put the baby under it too! Wash your hands thoroughly after using diapers or use a hand disinfectant. Wherever you are changing your diaper, take care not to leave any used diapers! If you can't dispose of it in a sealed container, put it in a plastic bag with your used wipes and throw it away at home (source:
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