Heavy metals are contaminated with excess bucks in the US

Heavy metals are contaminated with excess bucks in the US

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The tested US Dollars contained 95 percent of Daphne, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, or Cadmium. Heavy metals are damaging to brain development.

68 brands of Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) examined 168 babies: 95 percent contaminated with heavy metals, lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium.Heavy metals are polluted by the surplus of baby boomers in the US (photo: iStock) The 168 products contained 95 percent lead, 75 percent cadmium, 73 percent arsenic, and 32 percent mercury. The test sample found all of these heavy metals in 25 percent - reads The greatest neurotoxic risk is found in the presence of rice, sweet potatoes or fruit juices. Significantly, even if they contain traces of toxic heavy metals in the baby's diet, these ingredients change brain development and lower IQ. " rice poppies, rice based snacks, and rice flakes are most noteworthy Qubit suggests that looking at Nabih's home page in the newsstands, they either do not test or have not found any information that is sought by the public. Recently, most of the herbal remedies had to be dealt with, and in one case, due to the presence of a drug that was arsenic consumption negatively influences infants' nervous system development, a 2004 study found that children who drank arsenic drinking so all food is a rice contains arsenic in the highest proportion. From this point of view, the brown and wild rice are the worstbecause in the process of whitening the rice the outer layer of the rice grains is removed and the arsenic is concentrated in this outer layer. Healthy Babies recommends that parents prefer prefer oat or mixed cereal flakes instead of rice cereals.Tanya Altmann and the pediatrician called attention to the fact that the best beginner diets for a baby are avocado, green peas, peanut butter oat flakes and salmon. In the first few years, they wouldn't recommend rice booze.
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