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Only 6 out of 1000 people would help an abandoned baby!

We have managed to make sad statistics for the Hungarian UNICEF Committee about Hungarians.
From April 24 to April 3, from 3 to 5, a baby carriage could be seen loud, left alone in the wake of one of the zebras on De Square.
Approximately 1000 people passed under the 2 urns with the car apparently left unattended. Although the majority of people realized that something was wrong, they stopped, looked back, watched the covered stroller, but only raised the stroller 6 times to see if they could help. There was also someone who was just talking on the phone when he noticed the stroller, but his reaction was simply, "I don't think so, someone left a stroller and a baby in it," then went on.
Sad stats for us.
A child cannot cope alone in the world. For almost every stroke, you need to seek the help of an adult. However, if we as adults, refuse to help, where can they go? UNICEF aims to raise awareness of the "Children But Right" campaign by promoting the Convention on the Rights of the Child through this video. As far as children's rights are concerned, adults have a duty to children, as every child deserves to be raised in a loving, protective family, to have a healthy life, to play, to learn and to receive everything.
Apparently, this area (also) has something to develop.
The good people who were able to move out of their own hands were a little surprised at the event. After lifting the canopy, 20 UNICEF volunteers rushed to it and commended their actions with a Certificate of Recognition.
Source and video on UNICEF!