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Tall kid, higher expectations? Too high - too soon

Tall kid, higher expectations? Too high - too soon

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The average book is 92-98 centimeters high. A child who has grown taller has to face greater expectations. And it's not always easy.

If you are taller, do you expect more from him?

Gergh doesn't play nice on the playground. She doesn't want to share her sandbags and doesn't wait for the slip. Parents look at him disapprovingly and think big enough to behave.
It is no idea that the tall boy, who looks like a beast, has just celebrated his second birthday. And before that, it was completely natural behavior.
Gergh is of high family, his parents are both over 180 centimeters, and because of his vitamin intake, Gergh is probably even higher when he grows up. I'm still Urbsi. One head bigger than his counterparts. And even though your parents are afraid that their son has grown up - it's no secret that this is causing a few problems.
Because Gergh is it doesn't work in the stroller. She outgrew her sleep-deprived autopsy, she has a tight nourishment in the restaurant, and she's easily out of a slothful state.
But it is not these inconveniences that are the biggest problem for the family, but rather to go anywhere, people think Gergh цtйves, and expect him to do the same. Your success йrthetх - it is very difficult to estimate the age of a toddler, and height is the most important aid in this regard. He who is tall is certainly older than others. And that adds a lot of attributes that the Gerghazz liked to grow into a toddler elvбrnak: Thanks, don't be fooled, let's play, share your games with others.
Everything we forgive a two-year-old with one or two children unacceptable. Being out of the crowd has some downsides. Tall children suffer accidents twice as often as their lower counterparts, because as their bodies grow, their center of gravity changes constantly and their brains cannot keep up with this change. They just stumble, like suddenly opened adolescents, and often have long hands and feet.
Boys also have to face the fact that the higher they are, the more often they get into a fight, not necessarily because they are more aggressive, but because others see them as a leader kьzdeni the first thing.
However, before we doubt what our seedling women like, we need to make it clear that it is not bad to be tall in the long run. In fact, the opposite is true, especially for boys. Because, according to statistics, height is in direct proportion to household and economic success.How does it develop?
How do we calculate how high it will be? The height of the parents must be added and divided by two. In the case of a boy, these values ​​should be added 6.5 centimeters long and the same should be subtracted the same. The result obtained will be plus or minus 10 centimeters for the child's expected adult height.

You can check your child's height and development with the help of our Developmental Guard.

Average height: 70-80 centimeters per year, 92-98 centimeters, 98-104 centimeters three years. After that, they grow 6 cents a year.
If your kid is significantly bigger, it's worth showing pediatrician, because in the background of sudden growth can be hormone dysfunction, genetic disorder or premature puberty syndrome!
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