Inflammation of the genital tract

Inflammation of the genital tract

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The care of the newborn baby stump requires great care from the parents. Every diaper should be examined in this area.

Inflammation of the genital tractThe mйhen belьl the kцldцkzsinуr kцti цssze the fetus mйhlepйnnyel which biztosнtja szьksйges the nцvekedйsйhez tбpanyagokat szбmбra, which йs keresztьl fetal maternal metabolism vйgtermйkek tбvoznak keringйsbe.Amikor baby vilбgra jцn the kцldцkzsinуrt sterile kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt elvбgjбk, йs a buckle lбtjбk away from the stump, which is scattered within 1-2 weeks. The care of this area requires close attention and care from parents.

Hereditary stenosis

Typically, inflammation of the birth canal occurs in the days following birth. Bacteria that cause omphalitis, oesophagitis, are those normally found in the stool (E. Coli, Klebsiella) and on the skin (Staphylococcus aureus). Therefore, it is possible that either fecal contamination may be present in the back, or bacteria may penetrate the surface of the skin. .If parents neglect the nursing care or the inflammation worsens, the putrid bacilli get into the deeper layers, for salivation, abdominal inflammation, or septic can also lead. Patients with infertility can play a role in the development of tuberculosis, but may also be more likely to have an affected baby or a baby born to a baby. orszбgokban.

Symptoms of tubal inflammation

The scattered blood cord remains red and inflamed, and the area around the stump is red and swollen. Intх sign a stinging as well as the onset of fever (or temperature instability… it can be low heat, not just fever).
The New Year йtvбgytalannб you can choose belly bloated will.

Diagnosis and treatment of genital inflammation

If there are signs of inflammation in the baby, rinse with clean water and disinfect the wound. To do this, use a sterile steam pad impregnated with a skin and wound disinfectant. Next, you should contact your pediatrician urgently who may recommend a topical antibiotic. If there is an infection from the stump, the physician should also take a sample from the stump area. The stump should be treated with special care. It is important to keep this area clean and dry at all times. Wash your hands thoroughly before each diaper, and always lower the diaper to prevent the nipple on the stomach from breaking the stump and further ventilating the area! In this case, observe the stump and look for signs of infection, and continue to treat the problem area once the symptoms have resolved, even during the course of any antibiotic treatment, for up to 2-3 days. It is advisable to treat the inflamed, infected area for another 2-3 days after the symptoms have disappeared, even if the child is receiving antibiotics or the stump is severed.You know!
At the expense of the stump do not use any drugs (eg alcohol, swing dust, disinfectants). WHO recommends that you keep this area clean and dry!
Disorders of the Umbilical Cord, Pediatrics in Review, July, 2018.Related articles in this topic:
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