Sickness Comes Home With Big Sick: So Live The Little OneWhat if you hate the dusty nose?

Sickness Comes Home With Big Sick: So Live The Little OneWhat if you hate the dusty nose?

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Does the smaller one get sick immediately when the older brother "brings home" something? He may not be a little baby, but he can't cook his nose, but he sees it immediately when he sees the dust. What can we do?

The inflamed nasal mucosa swells, narrows the flow of air into and out of the nose, thereby inhibiting nasal inflammation. The little one is terribly distressed at this time, can be impotent, and it is difficult to breastfeed and to eat solid foods. THE losing your wishes is a must in case you can see it, as this can help prevent infection. The most effective tool for this procedure is the nose, which in many cases is a terrifying process, since sometimes the rattling machine starts to run - even worse - it sucks a lot more. , choose a nose that can be "actuated" by mouth, or, in the higher price category, there are also devices that provide a dust-free, nicely-wrapped, baby-wrapped function. Not only can these neighbors knock on the bustle of night noise for a family with a young child, but they can also provide a good service during your vacation.

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Unfortunately, the kйzi pumpбs orrszнvуk not sorolhatуk the hatйkony mуdszerek kцzй because experience has shown that the szнvjбk orrnyнlбsok kцrnyйkйrхl leginkбbb only the vбladйkot but not elйg effektнvek the hбtsуbb rйszek kitisztнtбsбhoz.Ha mйgis ъgy dцntenйnk to megbarбtkoztatjuk gyermekьnket the porszнvуs tнpusъval, vйrtezzьk up with patience: experience has shown that, just like the nose strokes, the weight depends on grabbing the child to stop him / her moving. With a nasally done playful play - for parents, babies, plushes - he slowly and slowly learns not to force the process, but rather to save the will ".

After heartburn headache

However, nasal discharge alone is not enough for healing, it is nasal spray its use is also important: we choose a formulation - a nasal spray instead of a nose drop for more accurate dosing and practicality - that can be applied over a long period of time under the age of two, does not dry, but regenerates the mucous membrane! And lastly: in case of fever or darker shoulders, refer the doctor!

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Take special care during the winter season, which is a popular time for mourners, thorough washing, with smaller ones, avoid any cluttered areas, but allow room for breathing - in proper clothing. Let's create them a for a good night's sleep with the right conditions and seasonal green fruits and fruits more nutritious foods kйszнtsьnk.