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Car Kid Test: Two Lives Are Not Recommended by Professionals

Car Kid Test: Two Lives Are Not Recommended by Professionals

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The Authentic Society of Consciousness has tested 47 autologous children available in Hungary as well. Two children are generally not recommended by professionals because they are risky from a safety point of view.

TVE Authentication TestThe Conscious Society of Consciousness He tested 47 different autistic children laboratory with international consumer organizations and the German ADAC auto club. Tests include, but are not limited to the safety of children in front or side view, how easy it is to use, how comfortable it is and whether it contains chemicals that are harmful to health, such as polycyclics. The following are important concerns because of the potential for mutagenic, hormone-disrupting substances that may come into contact with the skin. childhood, the force applied to the child's head, chest, neck. Children who are more of an age range are also tested on smaller and larger dolls.

The Conscious Customers Association The Association of Conscious Consumers (TVE) is a non-profit, non-profit organization in 2017, 15 years old. TVE is working on ethical, environmentally and socially conscious buying in Hungary. It is intended to contribute to positive changes in consumer values ​​and business practices that are conducive to the development of a positive social and natural environment.

It's bad to hear that two products - one Recaro and one Concord - scored 0 or 0.5 on this test on a scale of 0 to 5. In addition, it is not even the cheapest products, which cost between 85 and 120 thousand HUF. It makes it difficult to expect that security is not unequivocally brand-specific, as the two brands above have a product that has been shown to perform well on the security test. the same price you can get for a kid who is much safer. 29 children received 4 or better points, only 2 products received 2 points or less for this test. The 14 different test scores were 0-13 kg or less. For children aged 0-18 kg, we can buy $ 60,000 worth of products that are safe, usable, comfortable, and free of chemical contamination. On the other hand, we can get around 160,000 total damage, which was good in the average test, but has a relatively high chemical pollution. There were 2 products in this category that were extremely poor in the security test. In the 9-18 kg size group, 8 products were tested with a 0 in the safety test. This utуbbi gyerekьlйs 90 thousand forints kцrьli цsszegйrt kaphatу, but we can take something that's pйnzйrt this mйretben that much biztonsбgosabb.Jу hнr to test more szereplх mйretы gyerekьlйsek (15-36 kg) kцzцtt was not kirнvуan weak biztonsбgъ termйk. You can get up to $ 50 to $ 70 for a kid who has the lowest mid-point for safety. There is also a type that can be used from 0 to 36 kg, meaning that the same kind can be used at birth. According to experts, however, the disadvantage of these lifestyles is that they are generally less secure, as the whole structure is designed for larger children. This, however, is often hampered by its usefulness, such lifts are often difficult and difficult to move. The test included 3 such products, each of which scored less than 2 points, and was also shown not to be easy to use. The test can be viewed here.